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As technology professionals, the lawyers of BostonTechLaw are strong believers in the power of the Internet. A fundamental part of our business plan is streamlining our provision of legal services using modern cloud based technology systems.

However, as pragmatic business attorneys, we also know that we can keep our rates down by keeping our costs down. Good web development is expensive, and, for now, we don't think our clients need to pay for us to have a fancy website.

For more detailed information on the background and qualifications of our attorneys, you should find our LinkedIn profiles useful:

David Rickerby: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidrickerby

Kell Schoff: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellschoff


You may also contact us for more information by emailing [partners first name] at bostontechlaw.com.

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David Rickerby

Outside counsel with an in-house mindset. Practical, strategic, solution-oriented expertise in the licensing of software and other intellectual property. Client/customer focused and practicing with the belief that negotiating a good license requires understanding the nuances of your business and your long-term business objectives. Significant experience in: * High value, mission critical, unusual, and complex licensing and joint venture arrangements; * Open source software use, compliance, and related business strategies; * Emerging Medical and EMR software systems, and the cloud computing, big data, data mining, privacy, security, and interface issues they raise; * Outside counsel to established public companies on complex high value IP centric deals and latest trends in software, technology, commercial and contractual law; * Issues in venture backed companies where the technology is critical and intellectual property is prime currency; and * Negotiation of all types, with an interest in negotiation strategy. Additional areas of expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions: counseling on the successful transition of high value intellectual property in merger and sale scenarios; joint venture creation; post merger cross licensing. Antitrust: distribution arrangements, patent and channel strategies implicating antitrust concerns. VAR and OEM Agreements, Complex Joint Ventures, Patent Licensing, University Licensing, Distribution Agreement, Reseller Agreements, Start up law, Venture Capital